This pie is a lovely for-company dessert. This recipe is not a typical "Healthy Campaign" recipe, in that it takes a little more attention. But it actually doesn't take too long. You don't need a pie plate, you could use bowls or a pyrex pan.




Really you can make this crust with just almonds and dates! If you want to serve as slices where the crust holds together, you can add oats (or some psillium powder) plus a little water as a binder. For different flavors try the coconut flakes or vanilla.

  1. Mix crust ingredients (Just almonds and dates if you want!) in the food processor. It doesn't need to become super fine. You might need to process several batches depending on the size of your food processor. I've even done this in a mini blender, with extra time on my hands, on vacation.)
  2. Remove the processed ingredients, and press into circular pie pan to form crust.


  1. Process ingredients in food processor. (Don't process to the point of applesauce consistency).
  2. Distribute the filling into the crust


  1. Be creative! If you want to

🍏 Notes

  1. Organic apples general taste better. And apples are otherwise one of the more pesticide-laden foods when conventionally-grown. See: for more sad details from government tests on pesticides in apples.
  2. You might want to consider buying an Apple Peeler-Corer-Slicer.

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